The old man

1 chapter / 831 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


A young girl meets an old man at a train station. Never could she have imagined the outcome of such a visit.

Genres: Writing, Short Story

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Chamiso forest

almost 3 years ago Kerry Justine said:

Edit to my last comment:

Not all over the nation, all over the WORLD!!

Chamiso forest

almost 3 years ago Kerry Justine said:


This story is seriously amazing. Great work.

My name is Kerry. I am a community educator in Colorado, which means I work with young people and teenagers to teach them whatever they want to learn, in ways that (I hope) are interesting, fun, and exciting.

My friend and I are planning a workshop on creative writing, and we want to include stories written by young people all over the nation.

I think your story would be so cool to use to teach about plot and suspense. Would you be willing to share your story for that reason only?

If you would like to talk more in depth, please e-mail me at

Thanks so much for sharing your amazing work.



almost 3 years ago Julia S. said:



almost 3 years ago Laura Marie said:

No wonder you made this into the winner category - honestly, this was beautiful. I loved how you gave the mysterious power to the old man instead of a young girl. It's a good difference.

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about 3 years ago Ginny Potter said:

I LOVED it. The end was just a LITTLE cliche, but overall it was pretty good. I didn't expect the girl to give up her OWN life for her sister's. I thought she was going to say to give up the old mans life for her sisters.


about 3 years ago Arianna Lennox-Nightingale said:

I thought this was very interesting. It brings out a good point about what ones would do for family. Good job and keep writing!:)

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