Odd Mr. Smith

1 chapter / 498 words

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WINNER OF THE MYTHICAL WORLD CONTEST! The mythical world of Doctor Who. It's not a particular Doctor. He can be any Doctor you want. It can only be 500 words, so I couldn't put everything I wanted to in it. Open mind, people.

UPDATE: I republished this as The Venus Vanguard with another chapter added.

Genres: Writing, Fantasy, Short Story

Tags: mythicalworld

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over 1 year ago Sania Risha Mondal said:

I love to read short stories because they are always the most unique ones. Writers have to write everything within just a few 100s of words. Its definitely a very difficult job but you did an fantastic work! I just loved it!


over 1 year ago ROR said:


Clara oswald 8

almost 2 years ago Wendy Starling said:

I love the ending. It's brilliant!!!

I also love how this can be any Doctor you imagine it to be. I saw him as 11 first, because he's on the cover, but then I reread it with him as 12 (12's my favorite), and worked just as brilliantly!!!


over 2 years ago Sophia G. said:

The fact that Mary's most important question for entering TARDIS is if she'll get extra credit is just too amazing, oh my gosh. :'D I also love the Tinkerbell reference and how she started writing a story in the beginning and how you totally got the doctor's personality and just, aaagh. This is the best ever. Nice job and congrats, you deserved it :D

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over 2 years ago Trin Aster said:

Awesome, and congratulations, you did just awesome. I have watched Doctor Who, and I am a huge fan. I feel that you really have captured the personality of the doctor. I love the ending the most.


over 2 years ago Sophia G. said:

Congrats on winning the mythical world contest, you did an awesome job with this! I loved the Tinker Bell reference, and this is totally something the doctor would do. Nice job on getting his personality. You did a really cool job with this and I love it! Oh, and one more thing... "My brain ran through a million questions and it ultimately settled on the most important one. 'Will I get extra credit?...okay.'" Best. Line. Ever. I love your work, and I'm stoked to see more! ;)

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