Emerald Future

1 chapter / 694 words

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Autumn Falls contest winner!
Gemma is your typical rich girl. Obsessed with herself and her looks. She decides to wear her Grandmother's emerald necklace the night the Johnson's, her Dad's potential real estate customers, come over for dinner. Tyler Johnson comes into play, a total dreamboat. However, the necklace may be more than just a necklace, and Gemma's thoughts may start to change.

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Short Story

Tags: autumnfalls emerald necklace johnson tyler gemma snob rich fantasy romance Short story

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almost 2 years ago Marllaw orland said:

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about 2 years ago Eira J. Skye said:

WOW! Awesome One! Just Amazed How You wrote the feelings of young love! Looking forward for more!

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over 2 years ago Mergirl said:

Love how you made her sound exactly like a spoiled teen!

Unicorn 2

almost 3 years ago Jennifer M said:

Wow, just, wow

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