The Beginning

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So, this is for the Autumn Falls contest. Dallas is just a normal girl, in a normal home. Right? (Follows my characters from Life Remembered.)And yes the cover is anime, it sorta represents my characters and I like it. :D

Genres: Writing, Fantasy, Short Story

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16 days ago diah76 said:


2 months ago Rebecca Kraft said:

At "'It will make sense..."


2 months ago Rebecca Kraft said:

That was so good! now I want to read more! Also there is an error in the second chapter (two commas in a row no space)

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over 1 year ago AeranDawn said:

It's really is, how you took a typical, everyday scene, and then you tinted it with magic. I think you're really talented, the way you put in the good/bad magic that's usually cliche and did it in a way so that it was almost intriguing in a way. I love the way you played with what I like to call light and shadow, too- how you kind of took something lighthearted, added a bit of seriousness in between, and then went back to that lightheartedness- it takes a lot of talent to melt into it naturally like that.

You're doing good on character development, but I think you could make your characters even more "three-dimensional" by extending beyond your reliance on dialogue to create the character personality and such.

But...good job, keep working at it!


over 2 years ago Taylor said:

I like it the only thing is that it is slightly confusing. Other then that little bit I did enjoy the writing and it was very good and had a good story line.


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