Oath to Protect

1 chapter / 500 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


As unbelievably wonderful as it is, my story is the winner of the Mythical World contest! haha! To everyone who reads this, I hope you enjoy it thoroughly! ^_^
Seventeen year old Aina is a girl who dreams, who walks in her dreams and revels in it. But one night she wanders too far into another world altogether, waking a sleeping evil to rise again.
The only thing standing between her destruction is her pet cat. Now Aina needs to make a choice. A choice to either let her cat take the fall fighting for his master's life, or to fight alongside him and make an oath to protect everyone she holds dear.
Based on "The Price" by Neil Gaiman.

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Paranormal

Tags: mythicalworld fantasy cats war alliance oath otherworlds

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9 months ago - clara. said:

"Every morning I’d wake up with a lurching nausea in my stomach." I would suggest to get rid of the "a" before "lurching"--it just sounds a bit awkward.

Good piece :) I really enjoyed it.


over 2 years ago Londyn Free said:

Awesome and totally unique!


about 3 years ago Rose Ink said:

This story gave me all kinds of shivers! It was amazing. The beginning was beautifully written and insightful. Then, it smoothly transitioned into a darker tone. When I read stories about demons, the monster is normally overly described and it makes it less scary, but your description made it seem absolutely evil. I like your writing style and I thoroughly enjoyed this :)


about 3 years ago ForestWalker said:

This.Was.Awesome! the writing was very fluid, and you can easily imagine everything that's happening. Excellent.

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about 2 years ago Jayden Frazer said:

This was fantastic, it hooked me right at the beginning. It really drew me into the story and the fight scene flowed with such precision and grace, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I just wish there was more of it to read! I want to know how this world works and why Masa is fighting a demon. This story is truly fantastic.


about 3 years ago Nicole Enyart said:

This was very well written and the concept is genius. Despite the word limit it really didn't feel short or rushed at all. You pretty much have detailed and rounded out story. And like I said the concept is genius I'm not even a cat person and I loved it. What person doesn't want their faithful pet to become a demon slaying defender?