Burning Rage

2 chapters / 983 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


My brandonsanderson contest entry.
**Amazing cover courtesy of DesignOrama**
++Heart goal 650++
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Please heart if you think it deserves it. It's a bit fast paced, but I hope you enjoy it. THIS WILL BE EXPANDED AFTER THE CONTEST.

Genres: Paranormal

Tags: brandonsanderson

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over 2 years ago Broken_Angel1024 said:

wow that was impressive, it earned its heart. I want to read more please update me if you write more I would love to read more :)


almost 3 years ago Avery Cloud-Estep said:

This story is captivating to say the least...I couldn't stop reading. You have created a great plot, but it definitely is rushed toward the end. I would love to read your story with more details as to how the main character was able to be in the postion of killing the people in power and to what exacctly this person is capable of. So I can not wait for you to expand on this story once the contest is complete. Please read "The World of Trimunus" to complete our swap. If you'd like to do another swap sometime, I would be happy to!


almost 3 years ago Mushroom said:

For the swap I suggest that you read fallen angel (even though it is my rough draft) I have yet to add more which i will ad asap


almost 3 years ago soffia erickson said:

For the swap you can choose which story you read. Now to get to your story, the beginning was very interesting and draws the reader in. The imagery is lifelike, however the ending was a little confusing it seems like there was a piece of the puzzle missing. Overall the story was outstanding and I enjoyed it. Thank you and keep writing.

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almost 3 years ago Mushroom said:

wow! just Wow!!!! that is so awesome! I greatly admire your choose of words such as incessant and this story is incredibly catching and I hope you keep writing this story it is off to a great start! I know i am not the best writer to be reviewing your story but it is just so great!


almost 3 years ago Jen Amber said:

I think this is a very good book. It is very thriller! Will you do me a favor and write a Sequel?

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