Vengeance of a God

1 chapter / 1000 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


*Finalist (THANK YOU, for those of you who voted/hearted/and or gave me great advice!)* Imagine a world where sickness could vanish- a world where it was possible to be cured from a presumably incurable disease. Raphael could make that happen- he has a gift, a gift in which he can heal. Sound like the perfect utopia for humanity? Sound like a blessing? A savior come down from the heavens? Maybe. But there is a catch, for Raphael is not truly a savior, but a psychotic tyrant who wants nothing but the whole world.

Genres: Dystopian, Fantasy, Thriller

Tags: manipulation healing superpower villain brandonsanderson

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7 months ago KanoeLani said:

It was from the perspective of someone you might not think "the good guy" which always excites me and who is trying to play the part of a god which makes it really interesting. I like how you want more afterwords, cause I do! I would really like to see him have flashbacks of his past to make him a even better character you can relate to. Overall, amazing!


about 1 year ago Rey Granger said:

I absolutely, positively LOVED IT! Your creativity resonates throughout this masterpiece, and you truly illustrated the madness of many world leaders throughout history. This is very much a Nazilike satire, and it was well written. The reveal of the 'temporary' healing at the end made me shiver all over my body. Terrific job, and terrific writing!

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