The Between

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*Skink Contest*
Earth, now known as the Between, is taken over by Angel and Demon spirits. An offspring of an Angel and Demon recalls the stories that it's parents had of when they became friends. (I plan on expanding this story, I just need some time to draft it out) :)

Genres: Writing, Dystopian, Short Story

Tags: skink angels demons

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about 1 year ago Joy said:

I loved it, I actually smiled at the end. So beautiful. I'd love to read more of your work. Good Writing, Joy

Sanya k

over 1 year ago Sanya K said:

That... was beautiful. I can't wait to read more! :D


almost 2 years ago frenchie said:

Sounds really good I like it. I'm looking forward to read chapter 2


over 2 years ago opustjk said:

Loved it!!!

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over 2 years ago opustjk said:

Breathtaking best describes this work.The descriptions are very vivid.A fine piece.

Figment profo

almost 3 years ago Julia Warner said:

This is breathtakingly beautiful. I love the descriptions of the mother and the line about innocent features being the most dangerous of looks. I love, also, the way the relationship between the Angel and the Demon blossoms in the second to last paragraph.

"It's simply known as the Between; a place where the living spent their time choosing a side." I would use a dash instead of a semicolon here, since you aren't separating two independent clauses.

I am a tiny bit confused by the last paragraph. The narrator is "cramped in the smallest areas, unable to leave" yet has "to run every day"? Where is he/she running if there is no space and why?

Overall, wonderful piece!

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