Animal Crossing: City Food

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over 1 year ago Martine Holmes said:

The dark twist is really clever and daring because not many people have the guts to actually write this way about the much-beloved Animal Crossing. I also enjoyed all the descriptive words and character perspective. This may seem cliché, but this is one of the best stories I've read in quite a while.


over 2 years ago Inedible said:

LOL I love this. In my younger years I loved playing this game on the wii. Man, I haven't thought about it in years.


almost 3 years ago ozymandias said:

This was so sick, I loved it. Last line was great (the villagers would ABSOLUTELY complement the mayor on a fur coat made of their friends, omg)


over 3 years ago Anastasia Lockheart said:

Absolutely had to read for the title :D I play Animal Crossing New Leaf so this was an interesting story xD Good Job!

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over 3 years ago Lydia Nixon said:

LOVE the first paragraph. I don’t care who you are, you can’t help but want to read the rest of the story after seeing that. One grammatical note: with compound sentences (two complete thoughts combined), make sure that the comma comes before the coordinating conjunction (e.g. “They were all exactly the same, so I peeked into the first house…” I’ve never heard of Animal Crossing, so it was a little hard to follow, but I could still appreciate the dry humor that you used to describe such an unusual situation. Nicely done!

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