The Final Smash

1 chapter / 992 words

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(Entry for the Rule of Thoughts Contest)Link is so close to winning the Super Smash Brothers tournament and become a member of the Supers, an honor he has dreamed of his whole life. But nothing could prepare Link for who he has to face in order to get there. Will Link have what it takes? Or, will he succumb to the power of evil and his own heart? (Note: I do not own nor am I affiliated with Nintendo and any of their registered trademarks and copyrights)

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Short Story

Tags: virtnet virtnet contest super smash bros link teen writers.

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over 2 years ago Lauren F. said:

I love smash bros, so this is absolutely amazing! Good job :)


almost 3 years ago Bailey Dhor said:

well, snap. you have a great style of writing that really captures the reader. this was super emotional and i loved it!

Lets start the game

about 3 years ago Eli Short said:

I love smash bro,s (*please join demon fantasy writers, they'd love stuff like this*)


over 3 years ago Alyson Caraway said:

Very well written!

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over 3 years ago shyguy4994 said:


The only thing is Zelda isn't the twilight princess midna is zelda is just the princess of hyrule but other than that it was pretty great

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