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1 chapter / 714 words

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A story of the supervised life of a Sim.

Genres: Writing, Comedy, Short Story

Tags: virtnet

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6 months ago Maja Moores said:

Great work - I found it so relatable to when my sims get stuck XD More chapters need to come!


7 months ago Cristina Villalon said:

Wow this is great! I hope you have other chapters under your sleeve.


over 2 years ago Sinead A. Croarkin said:

Whoa...I hope in the future you'll make a multichapter story for this it's funny and sad all at once X)


over 2 years ago Raevyn said:

I used to be addicted to that game. :D

Your work/story was really good. I mean, it was sad, but funny--and I never thought I'd find a story based on the Sims.

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about 3 years ago Lydia Nixon said:

Very well written! I love how you managed to convey the frustration of such a hopeless struggle, while at the same time emphasizing the humor of the situation. I haven’t played the Sims, but you set it up well enough that I was still able to follow along and enjoy the story. You also did a good job of making “Them” seem like these sadistic gods who decide the Sims’ fate on by whim alone. Nice touch. There were a few places where the punctuation and word choice seemed to not fit, but since it was told from the perspective of a Sim, I wasn’t sure if that was a writing error or me simply not understanding how the Sims think and speak. Just check it over for the final draft to see if you had any typos.

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