The Sleepless Maze

1 chapter / 998 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


*Rule of Thoughts Contest Winner!*
In the game of Pac-Man, the Phantoms must chase their prey incessantly, never once able to rest. But the tables are about to turn. The Phantoms have a plan to overtake their enemy.

Genres: Writing, Short Story

Tags: virtnet

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12 months ago Edward Vallot said:

Yikes. I never thought Pac-Man could ever be considered "deep". Well done.


almost 3 years ago Bailey Dhor said:

this was a touch hard to follow, but i love how you were able to devise an intricate story from a simple game like pacman. amazing job with the characters. i feel like if you made this a big longer it would make more sense and not seem as rushed. but even as is, this was a great story.


over 3 years ago Sydney R said:

Hey! That was great, but the phantoms have names. Inky, Pinky, Blinky and the orange one is Clyde. In Ms. PAC-man, the orange one is Sue.

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over 3 years ago Rose Cherie said:

I did a Pac Man-themed story as well but it was nothing compared to this beauty. I enjoyed reading it and it was definitely a 5/5 kind of rating. This is the kind of story you really have to love. Congratulations on winning the contest dude! You totally deserved it.


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over 2 years ago Henry Petrie said:

Geez, is this Pac-man or Call Of Duty? Cool story, bra!

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