Love the Way You Lie

1 chapter / 737 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


***One of the July Challenge Winners!!!***
Good things happen to people who deserve it, right?
Henry Martin is the kinda guy who volunteers at animal shelters for fun, so it's no wonder he has the perfect fiancé, job, and life.
Of course it all starts crumbling apart when Marcy Richard, his fiancé, shows him evidence that her father, who happens to be his boss, is misusing his company for his own personal gain.
This information could make or break Henry, either sending him to the top with NY's other business giants, or sending him crashing down dead in a dark alley. It all depends on how he plays his cards.
It's Henry Martin vs. Mr. Richard, or is it?
An entry for the #JulyChallenge.

Genres: Writing, Mystery, Short Story

Tags: julychallenge

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