Just Speak

1 chapter / 481 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


ONE OF THE TEN WINNERS! For the #AnimalRights contest.

Genres: Drama, Short Story

Tags: animalrights abuse neglect circus elephant courage bravery just speak speak out ringmaster

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2 months ago Jason Alex said:

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9 months ago cary simpson said:

Tragedy turned into hope.The showing sentences did their job.My only gripe was that the story could've had more scenes.Examples: the laughing kids being cruel to the elephant. The elephant fails to do a performance and is punished for it. Etc.

Leda and the swan

12 months ago iamadandelionqueen said:

I really enjoyed your story, it truly captures the spirit of giving a voice to abused animals, and how it ends in humans also finding a voice for themselves.

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