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One of ten winning Animal Rights Contest entries. The story of a young girl set to take over her family's puppy mill.

Genres: Writing, Flash Fiction, Short Story

Tags: animalrights puppy mill animals dogs cages trapped legacy hatred father anger happiness childhood

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2014-08-24 14.06.06

over 3 years ago Jessica L said:

Hey I noticed your swap on my profile! This is me responding! I have to say that I really loved this story. It was heartbreaking to see how the puppies were mistreated, but I was glad to see how determined she was to rescue them when she inherited the place.

I only saw a few grammatical mistakes. For instance in some places the tense felt a bit off to me, switching from "I am to be his successor" to "he always gave me the same response". I also noticed in the back-flash when she brought the puppy out to play, that you forgot to add a quotation mark before the father's rant.

Overall though, I really did love this story. It's very moving and powerful. Keep writing and good luck in the contest!

P.S my animal rights story is called "Unplanned". Thanks!

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