Life Alone

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Entry for the Ink Haiku Contest

Genres: Writing, Poetry

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The vampire diaries

almost 4 years ago Shammi said:

Loved your Haiku!! It was one of a kind. (:

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over 4 years ago ~Mina~ said:

I love your haiku, it's like no body else can save you except for you( if what I just said made any sense at all) keep it up


over 4 years ago *britts-NAY* said:

I actually like it, and it took me a second to get it. Sometimes you've got to face troubles with a positive attitude, even if it means doing it by yourself...or at least that was my interpretation. Either way, well done!


over 4 years ago Amelia T said:

Wow this was really great. The last line has a nice ring to it, and wrapped the whole thing up. Lovely job and good luck with the contest!!

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