Cold Feet

1 chapter / 562 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Cold Feet is a funny poem about a bride's changing emotions as she waits at her alter stand for her groom to show up.

Genres: Writing, Comedy, Poetry

Tags: funny comedy wedding love bride groom fun story poem

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about 4 years ago E.R. Warren said:

This was wonderful!


almost 5 years ago ariana sexton-hughes said:

adorable. witty. and, quite well constructed.BRAVA!


almost 5 years ago TKAM said:

This was super cute! Yes, I loved the changing rhyme meter and I loved how it was funny. You kept my interest the whole time, which is good! My only suggestion would be to add some more similes or metaphors if you want, but that's just me. Honestly, the poem is perfect as it is!

Haha what does slaking mean? That's a new one for me!


almost 5 years ago Ashley McDonald said:

This was really cute! Enjoyable. Fun to read. Very well written

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almost 5 years ago Molly McIlvar said:

I really liked this! You were able to convey so much in only short lines; like her ex-boyfriend perhaps still having feelings for her, and her annoyance that she'd gone to so much trouble to create a perfect wedding and then he seemed to have abandoned her. Although not all of it rhymed, the lines that did worked really well, and didn't feel forced or anything. I really liked the voice in this poem, and it was funny and enjoyable to read. I loved the ending, and the fact that she planned to hold it over his head. Great job!

Jack lewis

almost 5 years ago Jack Lewis said:

Not many people can fit rhyme so well into a poem, but you presented a perfect piece! Not every lined rhymed but it still seamed to rhyme the perfect amount! The rhyme in this poem only added even more so to the rhythm and flow of this piece. Not only did you manage to get the flow perfect, but you conveyed a lot of emotion in this work of art. Very well done! Five stars! Two thumbs! Very well done! Keep writing!

-Jack Lewis

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