Everything Ends Up Unbelievable

2 chapters / 2876 words

Approximately 14 minutes to read


Ky is a high school student who roams the school alone. She's a straight A student who never speaks to others and keeps to herself. But no one around her knows of her secrets. Ky self-harms and has attempted suicide 2 times. Little does she know her isolated attitude will strike the nerve of a snobby prep known as Brianne. After a while, Ky begins being bullied by Brianne. There's only so much someone being bullied can take before they decide they can't take it anymore and feel the only option they have is to leave the world behind...

Genres: Drama, Romance, Non-Fiction

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over 2 years ago AceandPenny31083 said:

It jumps right in and I love that. However, work on more details and make it flow better. It was hard to follow sometimes. I love the emotion and overall message though. Wonderful work!!!


over 4 years ago Anna Soong said:

I definitely love the message it sends about bullying. However, it sounds a little patchy in some places... but still, it's an amazing piece. Write on!


over 4 years ago Ryanne Kap said:

This is definitely a heartfelt piece. Ky is a very real character, as well as Brianne and Neo. The situation itself is very realistic. I just feel the writing could be pieced together a bit better. Avoid repetition. The ending was kind of abrupt and fell flat, so maybe work a bit on that too.


over 4 years ago Classy-Queen said:

The dialogue was believable, most people have a hard time accomplishing that. I like the plot so far it seems promising. :)

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