"Load the car and write the note."

He slammed the trunk of his Chevy Impala and leaned against it for a moment, closing his eyes and picturing the white envelope he'd left behind. The one that explained. Explained why he needed to leave. 

"Grab your bag and grab your coat."

He leaned down and grabbed his green Army jacket and his duffel bag in one fell swoop. He tossed both in the backseat. 

"Tell the ones that need to know that you are headed North."

Nobody here cared much about him. He didn't even know why he was leaving a note for Amy. She certainly didn't deserve it. He was relieved to be going away; away from their crumbling marriage and away from all the lies she told him. 

"One foot in and one foot backBut it don't pay to live like that."

Amy always seemed to be hiding something. Like she wasn't all in on their marriage. And she wasn't. He didn't want any more of that kind of lifestyle.

"So I cut the ties and I jumped the tracksFor never to return."

He was leaving. Severing all connections with this dump of a town. He wasn't ever coming back, either. What was there to come back to? Nothing. There was more for him in New York, the city he'd left five years ago.

"Ah Brooklyn Brooklyn take me inAre you aware the shape I'm in? My hands, they shake, my head, it spinsAh Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in."

He didn't know if the city which had sheltered him as a teenager would take him back. But he was going to try. 

"When at first I learned to speakI used all my words to fight with him and her and you and meOh but it's just a waste of timeYeah it's such a waste of time."

He'd always thought that if they could just talk through their problems, they could resolve things. Put things back together. But it just led to fighting, and then more fighting. Amy said he didn't understand her. But she never listened to him. It was a waste of time, trying to get her to see his side of things. 

"That woman she's got eyes that shine like a pair of stolen polished dimes. She asked to dance I said it's fine. I'll see you in the morning time."

Amy had been so pretty when he'd first met her. He met her at that party, and they danced till midnight. It was wonderful. Then he thought to himself, But it was all fake. All those promises. She was stealing my heart just to break it.

"Ah Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in. Are you aware the shape I'm in? My hands, they shake, my head it spins, ah Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in."

He needed to stop thinking about Amy, or he'd end up in a bar. Already, his hands were shaking and his head...he needed to keep his eyes on the road! He was headed to Brooklyn, and he wasn't looking back. 

"Three words that became hard to say: I and love and you. What you were then, I am today. Look at the things I do."

He laughed shortly. Just look at me, he thought. I'm turning into Amy. Thinking about getting a drink. Thinking about other women. I can't believe where I'm at. I can't believe I don't think about Amy and think, 'I love her.'

"Dumbed down and numbed by time and age. Your dreams to catch the world, the cage. The highway sets the traveler's stage. All exits look the same."

He realised now that all his dreams of escaping to Brooklyn - they're yet another cage. He knew he wouldn't be able to find comfort in Brooklyn's stone embrace. But he still wanted to try. Brooklyn, will you love me? He silently pleaded. Will you take me in? I can't even tell where I am right now...

"Three words that became hard to say: I and love and you. I and love and you. I and love and you."

Well, it was all over. He couldn't go back. He just hoped Brooklyn would take him in.