Through The Eyes Of The Abused

1 chapter / 748 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


For the Catherine Short-Story Contest

Genres: Writing, Drama, Short Story

Tags: catherinecontest abuse abusive boyfriend short story contest Short story love

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almost 5 years ago Chantel Dildy said:

I really have to say that this was a pretty good story. It was really interesting and intriguing.. I've sadly had to live in a domestic violence shelter with my mother at one point in my life... actually it was recently... and all I can say is this hits home. I've met many women and children who had to go through abuse and it's so sad. It's sad to know that there are still a lot of women out there who have yet to leave.. Again, this was a great piece and please keep writing!!


almost 5 years ago Margy said:

a couple of grammatical and other minor errors, but besides that i think your story is great like its should be it's

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almost 5 years ago Eustacia Tan said:

That is so sad. I can understand how she still stays with him, although with such a family that cares (although not in the end), I'm surprised an intervention wasn't carried out at all.


almost 5 years ago Pun-Rocker said:

Wow. Just, wow. This is impressively written, I have to say. There's a couple grammatical mistakes that I caught, mostly pretty easy things. In the first couple of sentences, 'its August' should be 'It's August. The apostrophe shows a contraction of 'it is' rather than implying the possessive of 'its' unless someone owns August. Which I sincerely doubt, by the way. It's a well rounded story, and leaves the reader more than a little melancholy. Well written, well executed, and heartbreaking. I think the title could use a little more creativity, but that's not the point of this comment. Any how, well done!

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over 4 years ago Beautifully Broken said:

Wow. I got shivers at the end. I don't really feel like writing a long review, so I'll just say this was wonderfully written. You captured the denial and the struggle of the MC so well; I felt like I was her. It was just...really good. I think it really captures an abusive relationship, with the girl so convinced he loves her and they're meant to be even though it's far from that.


almost 5 years ago RettaJean said:

This is a pretty cool story. :)

The beginning confused me. After reading it, I could see how it tied in, but you don't really need the first four sentences (the italicized part.) The rest of it flows PERFECTLY.

The line of the story itself is clearly and concisely expressed beautifully. I can see what's happening in the story very well.

The story is sad and beautifully written. I don't have much else to say about it, other than great job! Best of luck in the contest.

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