If I Dont Take My Meds

1 chapter / 101 words

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Genres: Writing, Poetry, Non-Fiction

Tags: medicine depression ocd iron vitamin d deficiency anemia

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almost 5 years ago Aj Finch said:

Wow, very personal and well written, sort of melancholy. Please do your end of the swap now and tell me if you need anything else!

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almost 5 years ago xi the conquerer said:

ikr?!?!?! i hate it when i don't get to mah prozac.

please read my story lettters to bella!

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almost 5 years ago GailNite said:

In some places is sounded choppy, but on purpose like you wanted the reader to pause there fora moment. I liked the overall effect, and the way this comes straight from the heart.

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almost 5 years ago Dorothy said:

I love how honest this is. I really enjoy your writing. Try capitalizing the i's and some places don't flow as well as you might think. Reading it aloud helps. Otherwise, amazing job!

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