The Usual

Copyright (C) Allison Lundsten 2013 *Intended for mature audiences.* Note: Please leave me comments about your overall happiness, or disappointment, with this book. I would love suggestions. Thank you all. 

There are two of them. Two that light up my world and my life, two that make my heart skip a beat, two that make my cheeks turn red and my eyes glow. There are two that fascinate me everyday, two that make me smile and laugh. Two that I can tell everything to, two I trust more than my own parents. There are two that make me go insane thinking about them, two that I can't choose from. I know it's selfish to have two of them, they say the first one should be the one to keep, because you wouldn't want the second if you really liked the first.

 These two, are different though, I met them not too far apart, a week. They want me to be with them and not the other, they argue about who I like better and who will win me over. I always think to myself that this makes us seem like prizes to be won at a fair. But we are much more, we are people, and souls. Not inanimate obejcts that can be passed around without feelings being hurt. These two are so unique and different, both have opposite personalities. How did I fall for both? How did these two people fall for me? These two names are Adam and Josh.

Adam is a tall brunette with straight, short hair, and chocolate brown eyes underneath thick brown eyebrows. He has full and short lips that are light pink. His face shape is a mixture of a square and a heart. His skin is pale and soft. Adam used to be thin, but he started excerising on a daily basis, and now he has muscle to his frame.

He has been one of the people I have been closest to for only knowing them a year, he knows all of my secrets and I trust him more than my parents or sister. He can always make me laugh, he always cares, and is very romantic. Adam's been on the A Honor Roll every year; he is book and street smart. Adam knows right from wrong, he is loud and definetly a talker who hates the silence. He loves sugar, anything food or drink with it, he'll like it.

One good thing about Adam is he fights for me, he stands up for me, and even though we aren't in a relationship, he acts like I'm his. He visits my family and I, invites me over to his place, and shows me to all of his friends. He takes me out on dates, and spoils me. I know he won't give up.

Josh is short with wavy blonde hair that is ear length, he has baby blue eyes that sparkle underneath messy and thin eyebrows. His lips are thin, long and dark pink. His face shape is a defined circle, his skin is pale and soft too. Josh used to be a little overweight, he has lost it now that he joined a weight room program after school every other day. They both look so different from the time I met them last October.

Josh is always a shoulder to cry on, he treats me like I am a princess, and will be a "man" for me. He may not be as smart as Adam, but he knows how life works. It's as if he has lived before and his last life was horrible, so he's trying to make this one better. He is hilarious, and we do have awkward moments at times, but I believe it's because we're both thinking and keeping something to ourselves. He is very good with fixing, and testing different things.

One good thing about Josh is he's understanding, somehow he has the right words to say to every situation. I'm nothing like this, I can't find the right words to say. In my head, it fits or I understand how I feel, but I can never put it to words. Josh has said something wrong before, but it fit the circumstance.

Everyday, as I walk into school, Adam meets me by the office. He knows exactly what time my bus drops me off, 7:35, He stands there from 7:30-7:35 waiting for me to walk in the door. His face lights up, and he says the same thing.

"Hey! How's my girl today?", he asks.

He usually tries to put his arm around me, but I lightly slide it off. Then, Adam usually says the same thing.

 "I hate how you do that everyday.", he adds.

He smiles, and I explain it's because we aren't in a relationship and I don't want to do that to Josh. Josh doesn't go to our school, but I see him almost every weekend.

"Well he doesn't even go to our school, I am basically the only person who knows about him besides a few of your friends, so it's not like anyone is going to think we're together. I don't understand why you even like him, he's so...", he paused for a moment and said, "not right for you.", Adam said this morning.

 "He was there for me when my dad left my family. He made me feel better and helped get through it. Please don't make me go over this again, I hate having this conversation.", I said.

"Yeah. Well, since it's Friday, do you want to come over and we can watch a movie, or hang out with my family and I?"

 I replied, "I have to babysit until six, but after that, sure!"

He grinned and had an evil look to his eye. Adam does that face when he has a plan.

We went to breakfast a 7:55, ate, then walked the halls until 8:35 when the warning bell rang. He went to my locker with me, I grabbed my supplies for my first class, walked with him to his nearby locker, and he did the same as I did. I hugged him before I left and said, "Seeya at lunch!" I watched his eyes follow me as I left, it made me smile yet nervous at the same time. I got shivers down my spine as I walked into the English room.