“You’re stupid!”


I keep quiet knowing things would get worse if I make a noise. I was right. My father left my bedroom, after a few more beatings and I withered on the ground, cheek stinging. I closed my eyes when I felt tears starting to form. I wouldn’t let one drop. My life was getting far too hard for me, and I couldn’t stand it. Tomorrow was the night that it was going to end. I was going to jump off the Greenridge Bridge, the tallest point for miles because what didn’t kill me never made me stronger.


“You okay Marina?”

 My cute neighbor Rian asked me as the last bell rung. His eyes were full of concern, but I knew he didn’t feel the same way about me that I did about him. I shook my head yes and flashed a smile. What a lie.

“good.  I’ll see you tomorrow!”  

I smiled, but I knew I wouldn’t be coming back. My pity of a life was soon going to be over.  I walked out of school and towards my house, wind whipping at the scars on my wrists.  I walked into my house, quietly. I didn’t want to face my father.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I dash in the direction of my room, and my father starts to follow.

 “Get back here!”

I rush into my room and out the window, I see a glimpse of Rian as I run across the back yard, but I don’t make much of it. I’m just tired of being the unloved, abused, invisible girl. I stopped running when I was sure I was in the Clear. Greenridge Bridge was 50 ft. tall, and situated above a vast sea. The sun gradually set as my feet climbed and balanced on the rail.

 I turn around and make out Rian’s figure. He must’ve followed me here.

“Marina! Don’t!”

I do it.
I jump. 

“No!” I hear Rian scream, and it’s the last thing I hear.


I catch Marina’s feet as she jumps. She’s upside down, eyes squeezed shut. Did she really want to take her life? She always seems happy! I pull her with all my might and we collapse on the bridge. Marina looks around, probably wondering if she’s still alive. Our eyes lock and she slowly starts to cry. I don’t know what she’s going through, but I hold her close to me while she cries.


The night I tried to commit suicide seems so far away. A lot has happened since then. Rian suggested I talk to a social worker at school about my home life. Speaking of Rian, we talked a lot after that night, and he confessed he has a crush on me. We’re dating now! If he hadn't loved me, I wouldn't be alive. I used my experiences to help others who are in the same situation as I was. Suicide is definitely not the answer. Life is getting better all the time.