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My entry for the Phone Contest. Hopefully you all like it! It's my first contest entry, so hearts and critiques are very appreciated!

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Short Story

Tags: phonecontest villian subway pay phone Waiting train

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over 5 years ago Mariela Pichardo said:

Wow! This was a gripping short story. I really hope to read more in the near future. I like what I've read so far. Great job!

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over 5 years ago Black Roses Await said:

wow that was cool, but i didn't really understand it, what was the plot?


almost 6 years ago imfromneptune (STEVE) said:



almost 7 years ago Natasha Thomas said:

Amazing writing. i loved it. it leaves you questioning and on your toes. it also really sucks you in and leaves you wtih a lot of questions. i want to read more!

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almost 6 years ago Samantha Woo said:

Wow, that was one fantastic story! In those few sentences, you captured a suspenseful scheme and kept many readers' attention as I can see. There's usually a good way and a bad way to leave a story hanging on a cliff, and you are really good at ending on a cliffhanger without people saying things like "you ended to soon." You ended PERFECTLY! I absolutely LOVED it! Good luck on your contest too! I have confidence in you! :)


almost 7 years ago Anna Browne said:

Maybe check out some of my work? My current novel is The Vamp Tramp and I need all the critiques I can get! It's my first well-discriptive novel and am having trouble with making the beginning interesting. Thanks!

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