Just One Word

1 chapter / 897 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible for this to win first in the Phone Contest! =]
Brea could have prevented it all. But she hadn't. If she had only said just one word...

Genres: Writing, Suspense, Short Story

Tags: phonecontest subway subway station new york 57th street bunny hare explosion bomb betrayal

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about 5 years ago Jesselle Villegas said:

This is really nice. :)I hope you add more!


over 6 years ago no more said:

Love this, sooo much. All is said.

Your Friend, Christene Daae


over 6 years ago Jessica T said:

If you could please read some of my work and possibly follow me I could use more exposure


over 6 years ago Jessica T said:

Wow this story is intense I am hoping you will add more to this I want to see if the main character will continue her exploration of what happened and why she feels so guilty

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over 6 years ago Alice Green said:

SO GOOD! But sad :( I loved how it was so simple but I also would have liked to at least know what the main character looked like. I thought it was really good. I liked how it was dramatic and deep and somehow taught a lesson. I don't even know when this contest happened and what it was for, but if I could've voted-you definitley deserved this win!

Ppp 3

over 6 years ago John C Steele said:

This. Is. Incredible. Welcome to the winners circle, and deservedly so. This piece utilizes the promt creatively and effectively. There is just enough mystery about the past that it keeps you interested the whole piece until everything is perfectly clear. I loved every torurous moment. I watched the aftermath as it simultaneously unfolded before me. It was tragic and frustrating and wonderful haha. You deserve all the attention and praise you get. You're quite a talented writer. Well done! :D

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