Self Portrait

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Thank you for all the kind comments...makes me feel like 'me' is more interesting than I'd thought ^.~

Genres: Writing, Biography, Poetry

Tags: poetry self portrait autobiographical

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over 6 years ago Emily Simmons said:

A brilliant picture you've built up of yourself in so few words, really well done :) I could see it all very well.


over 6 years ago Alyss The Red-Nosed Reindeer said:

wow..this is truly amazing...i can totally connect even though this is about you...i totally GOT the biting your fingernails when ur bored and when ur nervous and the mismatched was really amazing...imma have to try something sort of like this because i like the idea! it wont be the same, trust me...i dont COPY anyway, i loved how truthful this poem was...most people dont really want to face who they are...i try my best to avoid the topic although i do skirt around the edges...

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over 6 years ago Stephanie Helvie said:

I love the idea. To write about how YOU see yourself is, in lack of a better word, brilliant. Everyone has there own insecurities, and everyone has those little things they like about themselves. But to write about it and put it online for everyone to see... THAT, in itself, shows a lot of character. Good job.

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almost 7 years ago B. D. Legan said:

Very nice. I enjoyed it greatly. :)

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over 6 years ago delaney raynes said:

i really like this!

i like the way the lines are short - it makes it feel more frantic, like the narrator is gasping inbetween breaths. or at least, it does to me; i don't know if that's what you were going for XD

your imagery is interesting, i love the little details you've put into it, the details that seem to define what makes you uniquely 'you'~

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