The Dream Every Girl Wants

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© Copyright. Every girl wants to find that dream guy that will say the nicest things to her.

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over 5 years ago Marissa Childers said:

awwww, so sweet, and your right every girl wants a guy like that, I liked your comparison to the sun.


over 5 years ago Alex Smart said:



over 5 years ago Madeleine Juliette said:

Love this poem! I love your descriptions and your comparisons to the sun! really creative! Really sweet and beautiful! Hope you get lots of hearts!


over 5 years ago Abby A said:

It was cute and very true and you could really relate to it, i love it!

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over 5 years ago Kit Meyer said:

I thought this was both sweet and a tiny bit cliche at the same time. I feel like I've heard this sort of poem before. However, I did enjoy how he compared you to the sun and how the sun tried to compete with you - that was probably my favorite part of the poem. :)

All the best, Kit


over 5 years ago Olivia Fischer said:

you kind of slip out of poetic language in the middle: i mean the sun cannot talk, walk or move a muscle. words such as "i mean" and "like" and "well" used the way that you have here, make the poem have less flow. depends i guess on the tone you were trying to convey, but i think you could rework the middle a little more to fit with the beginning. its a very good idea, and with a little more polishing, it will shine like the sun! (:

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