I could talk to him all night.


Hang out with him all day.


Never get sick of him.


Even if he was just staring at the sun,


Comparing it to me well of course,


He always said I was “Drop dead gorgeous.”


The sun was shining so bright,


Trying to compete with me,


Not like it had a chance.


It would be bright and sunny, but I would be,


the girl he had always wanted.


The sun can't talk, or walk; it can't even move a muscle.


The sun only shines during the day, and leaves at night.


While I shine during the day, and the night.


It is so crazy wonderful,


how he is one of a kind.


Watching him stare at the sun, 


And hearing him say I was more


Beautiful and brighter than the sun,


It was incredible.


I never thought I was not the prettiest girl around,


But having this guy talk to me,


Telling me all the good things about me


Was absolutely amazing.


Everything I had ever disliked about myself,


He loved.


It boosted my confidence, and made me love me more.


It was my dream come true.