5 chapters / 11349 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


What would you do if being normal was only a distant memory? If all you knew now was horror and fear?

*`* = change in point of view/ perspective
`~` = change in time -- same perspective

Genres: Writing, Fantasy, Mystery

Tags: tvdtsc fntwsubn fntwsubce abnormal abnormal abilities powers mind reader cops kidnapper murder

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about 3 years ago Morgan Allen said:

This is really great and well put together! The only mistake i saw was in Chapter One, toward the end practice was misspelled. But honestly can't wait to read more.:)


about 3 years ago Sovereign Lights said:

I REALLY like this! I came here saying, "Okay, I'll just read a chapter." And before I knew it, I had read 30 minutes worth of your book! (good thing we don't do much in Bio!) Your characters are very cool, but I might also be happy that you have a character with the same name as one of my best friends (Josh). I would like to know what your characters look like, because I didn't read much in appearances. Your writing flows very nicely, but the transitions between times is a little confusing. I didn't see any technical issues. This is very interesting! Expect me to finish! Heart/ reactions deserved! :)


about 3 years ago Stefan Zappia said:

Very interesting plot and characters! Well done! As part of our swap, could you read "Howard Phillips and the Nightmare Crown" and tell me what you think?


about 3 years ago Sydney Madison said:

This is really good! I like the idea of mind reading, it's really unique! I also like the main character and your descriptions were... well, descriptive. Thanks for the swap!

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Sky looking bride

over 5 years ago Sade Harlem said:

Very good! I liked your descriptions and the way that the narrators's voice sounds realistic, although I felt that it was a bit rushed and in some parts forced. Other than that, it was a grearead and I like the title and cover. It looks like a place in the mountains where I could have gone.


over 5 years ago Emilia McGrath said:

I absolutely LOVE the descriptions in this! I loved the narrator's voice, she actually sounds realistic. A few bits were a bit rushed and it felt like the sentences were ramming into each other, but apart from that this is going to turn into one hell of a story!

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