6 chapters / 7046 words

Approximately 35 minutes to read


**IN PROGRESS** Alessandra "Alice" Spalding, a bullied lonley girl, living a life of high expectations and secrets, comes upon her Wonderland, at least whats become of it. What is causing this destruction? She doesn't know...yet. Will she be able to rescue her friends and the love of her life? Or go mad in the process and be stuck in an insane asylum with no way out? ***Inspired by American McGees's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns***

Genres: Adventure, Romance, Fantasy

Tags: wonderland underland alice maddness mad hatter cheshire cat hare love red queen adventure horror romance nekosuu sutcliffe lesbian bisexual fuchs

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over 5 years ago Karyn Jade Leigh said:

This was fantastic!!! I was so engrossed I completely forgot that it was a thirty minute read, and read it all, lol. Great job!


over 5 years ago Cait Cher said:

Wow, I was literally glued to this story. I couldn't stop reading it. What made it weird was Alice being bisexual, but I'm not complaining.


over 5 years ago Girl In Black said:

i liked this. I only had time for a couple of chapters at the moment, but i think you need a bit more description. You need to set the scene for us and create their world so we can picture exactly where they are :)


over 5 years ago Sen said:

For the swap: you have a great grip on it ^^ I am pulled right in! My heart melts with some of the magnificent lines. However, you made some typos >< Proofread again? That's all ;3 otherwise, it's worth my heart adn wow

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over 5 years ago R. Soland said:

This was very dark, but at the same time, you kept a realistic voice to it... You kept that line between Hell and life, but you blurred it enough to show the confusion that the narrator feels. I think you could use more actual storytelling, because you spend so much time just describing surroundings and emotions and lifestyle rather than jumping on the story. Otherwise, great job!


almost 6 years ago grelldizpell (V.S. Fallin) said:

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