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Catagorized as Gothic Literature, the novel follows a young woman during the Victorian era as she stays at her supposedly "haunted" Uncle's mansion and uncovers its dark history.

This was written during NaNoWriMo, so I apologize in advance for any less than perfect writing. -INCOMPLETE-

Genres: Historical, Horror, Mystery

Tags: victorian ghost story murder gothic romance mystery

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about 5 years ago Miriam said:

This is simply lovely and enchanting! I would love it if you could personally tell me once you write more. Thank you, and happy writing! -Miriam (Not that you can't see my username, but I happen to like formalities. Thank you!)


about 5 years ago Mariah Thomas said:

This is great! I felt as if I could really visual what was happening


about 5 years ago Syd Sirois said:

Okay I love this story. The detail are amazing and the storyline is incredible. Great job and I hope to read more of this soon ^.^


about 5 years ago Serena Riku said:

I like this story, but I have to say I thought it would be the hamlet ophelia ( I'll read chapter 2 after basketball practice! )

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about 5 years ago Ida B. said:

I didn't see any grammatical errors, even though i might be wrong.

I loved this, the prologue was amazingly well written and I was sucked into this world without a moment's thought. I felt as if I saw her, I could see her in a dark room with one mirror, an old frail but strong backed woman with wise sad moody sharp eyes. they say that she was once innocent.

The rest of the story was just as amazing, the details of the mansion at first sight, the inside of it, the way Martin, Lia, and Nathaniel all look like...it kept me interested and fully awake, I devoured the prologue and two chapters in what seemed an instant. I love the writing style of this, it's old and antique and adds to the story. Excellent work!

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