All is Gone

1 chapter / 741 words

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WARNING: DON'T READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THE HUNGR GAMES This is a fanfiction for The Hunger Games. It is from Prims side of the story. I hope you like it! All of the names and setting are Susanne Collens work.

Genres: Action, Dystopian, Suspense

Tags: the hunger games katniss peeta prim rue

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over 5 years ago Wendy R. said:

I like the idea of having the perspective through Prim's eyes but there doesn't seem to be a lot of emotion or detail which really can get the reader to keep reading, with that you can really make take this idea to it's full potential also I really like how Prim slaps Gale, that was a good part of the story


over 5 years ago Catherine Lockheart said:

Wow. This is absoulutly AMAZING!!! It could use a little work, but other then that NICE JOB!!!

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almost 6 years ago Brenna Wilcken said:

Awesome! there are a few grammatical errors, but I like the story line you really should continue it!


about 6 years ago Sarah Barbie said:

I lOve your fanfics. In my opinion the foxface fanfic is better than this one but its still good. When it comes to the hunger games i can't dislike it!

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