Those eyes, beautiful yet so dangerous. Something that shouldn’t be approached, everybody was unaware of the danger that lurked behind her eyes. I knew, I knew every inch of those eyes, all her darkest secrets. Her secrets hidden, unknown to every single being, except for me of course.

I swore I would keep those secrets hidden, I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. To be honest I was lucky to be alive, usually those who find out her secrets burn to cinders. She trusted me though, trusted me with all her heart, if I betrayed her, my life would be no more.

I met her for the first time, in a dream of mine. All I could see were her dark, spiteful but so beautiful eyes in the darkness. She came close to me, stroking me cheek with her long and slender fingers, breathing and my heart beat was all I could hear, thumping against my rib cage.

“Remember this name” she whispered in the darkness, “Dianna Phillips.”

The dream ended right after that, at first I thought it was crazy. I still wrote down that name in my notepad just in case, I never thought that name would even matter to me, until that day.