The city of New Thomas was always a peaceful place. Everyone knew each other, everyone got along. But in the year 2015 on a particularly bleak day in fall, something unthinkable happened… The body of a man was discovered dead, mutilated, and rotting in his home.  

       -Breaking news, a body was just found to be murdered in a home around the south-west corner of the city. News@9 will try to keep you updated.- “How the hell do they get on these murders so fast.” Detective Freeman said looking at his cell phone. “Well no use worrying about it.” He flicks the ashes off his cigarette. “Sir, they need you on the crime scene right away.” an officer yelled from the front door of the victims house. “Yeah, yeah….” Freeman replied, he throws his cigarette on the ground and puts it out. As he makes his way to the house he notices that there is some strange black liquid on the road leading to the house. “Hey, Jared . I want you over here, stat.” Freeman called, beckoning over a crime scene analyst. “Have you and your team figured out what the fuck this stuff is?” Freeman asked. “No sir, were running an analysis on it right now. Results should be out in a couple of hours.” The analyst answered. “Make it quick, I need those results done right now.” “Yes sir!” Freeman gets up off his knees and proceeds to the house.

       Walking in to the house was a nightmare. “Jesus H. Christ….” Freeman whispers to himself. “It smells like like burnt shit.” As he continued through the house, weaving through officers and scientists he saw the room where the victim was murdered. “Holy fuck…” The room was painted in blood, the victim laying right in the middle. The man laying on the ground was so disfigured it looked like he crawled right out of hell. “Hey, you.” Freeman points to one of the officers laying out markers for the evidence. "Yes sir? What do you need?” the officer replied standing up straight. “What the fuck happened here.” Freeman asked. “Well sir, we don't even know. It looks like the victims arms and legs have been sliced right up the middle with a sharp object. The fact that the body is in messed up, bloody, parts suggests he was ripped apart after his appendages had been cut open.” “Thank you son, good job.” Freeman pats the officer on the shoulder. “Now get back to work.” “You got it sir.” Freeman bends down next to the victims torso, which was ripped away from the lower half of his body. “Fuck... “ freeman pulls out a handkerchief and covers his mouth and nose. “The hell is that smell.” He starts picking at the torso with his pen. The chest of the man was ripped to shreds, exposing his rib cage and his heart, which was also mangled. “Who or what would do this” Freeman thinks. He pokes around the inside of the body and sees a strangely familiar black goop surrounding the inner walls. “What the hell….” Freeman gets up, drops his pen and quickly rushes outside once again. “Jared !” He yells. “Yes sir?” the analyst says, sticking his head out of a folder. “I need a sample of that weird goopy shit that's on the road.” He yells over. “But sir we aren't done analyzing…” “Just give me the fucking sample!” Freeman interrupts. “Yes, sir…” The annalist says as he gets the sample out of some sort of machine. “Is this what you need?” He asks Freeman. “Yes, thank you.” Freeman says quickly as he runs back into the house.

       Freeman rushes into the crime scene and gets onto his knees next to the dismembered torso. He picks up the pen he dropped earlier and digs around the torso once again. “I swear to god…” He says as he scoops some of the black goop from inside the body. “Officer! Get me a tray!” He quickly says to an man taking notes. “Right away, sir.” The officer runs off to get a tray. Freeman holds up the the pen with the goop on it to a light. “What….?” he whispers with awe. The black goop was reacting to the light. It was like it doesn't like it. “Is this shit alive?” Freeman thinks. “Here's your tray sir” The officer says as he places it down next to Freeman. “Thank you.” Freeman replies, still looking at the goop next to the light. “Alright, let's see if I can find out what you really are.” Freeman says placing the goop that was next to the light on the tray. “Alright, and for the other stuff.” He pulls out the tube of the similar goop he got from Jared. Freeman starts to pour it onto the tray but before he can even tilt the test tube, something happens. “How the hell…” He says examining the goop inside the test tube. It was gathering all on one side of the tube. “How is that possible.” He looks and the goop that is on the tray and sees that it is slowly moving toward the goop in the tube. “Holy shit.” Freeman says. He proceeds to pour the contents of the test tube onto the tray. Both the goop that was in the test tube and the goop on the tray moved together and made a spherical blob. “What the fuck is this stuff” Freeman says out loud. “Holy shit!” An officer says looking at the blob that is now on the tray. Other people who were working on the crime scene followed the officers gaze. A burst of amazement and confusion broke out in the scene. Multiple officers started to move closer to the blob when suddenly it moved. “Everybody stand back!” Freeman warned. Everyone backs away from the blob that is now twitching uncontrollably. Words of fear and confusion echoed through the crown of officers. “Everybody out now!” Freeman commands. The crowd quickly moves out of the house leaving only Freeman and the blob. “What in god's name are you?” Freeman says, carefully kneeling down next the blob. As he does this the blob stops all signs of movement. “Alright?” Freeman says, a worried look on his face. He carefully moves closer to the blob. “Now don't you move you little bastard.” Freeman takes his pen and lightly pokes the blob. “Oh shit!” Freeman says backing away quickly. As soon as the blob was touched by the pen it started to glow an ominous red color. Preceding the color change the blob rolled and went right through the outside wall of the house. “Damn it!” Freeman runs to the wall and looks out the window to see…. Nothing, the blob was gone within a blink of an eye.

       Everybody was in a slight state of panic when Freeman exited the house through the front door. “What happened detective?” an officer asked from the crowd. “I don't even know.” Freeman replied, the officers looking at each other trying to figure out  what actually happened. Freemen walked down into the crowd and took a seat next to the ambulance. “Could I get some water?” he asked one of the paramedics. “Yeah sure.” The paramedic handed him a bottle. Freeman gulped the water down within seconds. “Freeman!” Someone yelled from his side. “What the hell is up with all this disarray?” It was the chief of police. “Sir, I think you're going to want to sit down for what i'm about to tell you....” Freeman said. The chief looked and him with a puzzled expression. He then took a seat right next to Freeman. “You better not leave out any details Freeman.“ The chief said turning to him. “Believe me sir, I don't plan on missing anything.”



End of part One….