Chapter 1

Jimin and Hoseok munched on pizza happily together as the TV played as mostly background noise. They were both flopped out on Hoseok's couches, talking about the events of their day as well as sharing in the greasy delight of pepperoni pizza. They often met together and ordered fast food while hanging out, normally they would meet at Hoseok's due to the fact that the older kept a cleaner living space. Jimin lived on the floor above Hoseok and it made things far easier for getting together and gossiping or just drowning themselves in soju after a long day.

"I heard there's a new guy across the hall," Jimin mumbled around a mouthful of cheese.

Hoseok hummed , not really minding the fact. People moved in and out of the apartment complex all the time. It was a rather large building.

Jimin saw the lack of response. He pulled himself up slightly from his slouched position, swallowing his mouthful of pizza and trying again, "I heard he's really cute."

Hoseok knew what his friend was trying to do. He shot Jimin a look before taking a swig of his soda, "So?"

Jimin laughed, his eyes turning into happy crescents, "So, you need a date, hyung! You haven't gone out in forever. If he is good looking, maybe you could get to know each other." the younger wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"I don't need a date, Jimin." he huffed. Life was lonely at times and he did miss having a boyfriend. But Hoseok's last relationship had ended quite badly and so he didn't feel any rush to put himself back out into the dating world.

This time Jimin stood up completely from where he had been sitting to plop himself down next to Hoseok, leaning on his shoulder slightly, "Taehyung says he's super hot."

This time Hoseok scoffed, "What would Taehyung know about anything? He's more single than I am!"

Jimin laughed again, "Come on, hyung! You don't have to throw yourself at him but at least say hi or something. He is new. It would be nice to welcome him."

Hoseok sighed again. He knew the dongsaeng was going to talk him into it. He could already feel his resolve crumbling. Taking an absentminded sip of his sugary drink, he glanced back down at the younger practically cuddled into his side. he knew he was trying to help and he knew Jimin was going to win in the end. With one more heavy sigh he nodded.

"Fine, I'll welcome him to the building but I am not going to ask him out."

Jimin beamed, his smile making Hoseok's own lips turn up.

"Thank you, hyung! I know you won't regret it!" he hugged the elder tightly making Hoseok chuckle.

"I doubt anything will come of it, but a simple hello won't hurt...."

Hoseok didn't know it but Jimin already had a plan of his own forming in his head.