Wish You Well


 I'm here to wish you well.

 Through I still can't believe,

 You threw all your dreams

 Down that old wishing well.


I could never put my life

Out on the line.

Destined never to have a life line,

I wonder if you've ever lost em'


Have you ever lost a dream?

I pray for that day to ever come.

That well is greedy,

Those cold stones have been there,

Stealing the faith we've had for years.


May your eager stance grant you well,

As for you are far to young to gamble.

May the odds be your closest friend,

I wouldn't want anything less for you


I watch you throw your coin heavy dreams,

We watch them hit the frost-bitten darkness.

You'll never see that dream again,

All was given to that wretched well.


Years worth of hope,

Drowned in the watery grave of hopelessness.

I've warned about this for so long.

And now I must say,

I wish you well.