Chapter 1

Y/N POV (September)

“Y/N!” My mom called. I stood up from the couch and walked into the kitchen. She was sitting at the table, “Lydia won’t eat.” I smiled and walked over to Lydia, who was in her high chair. “Hey Lyd. What’s wrong?” I said, picking her up. She just kicked and screamed. I looked at mom, “I think it’s time for a nap.” My mom nodded, “Are you taking her home?” I nodded, “Yeah, I have to go check on Stormy and I need to get dinner started.” My mom smiled, “Alright. Well Yoongi called earlier. He said they’re on their way home. I don’t know if he’s gonna stop by your house.” I smiled, “If he doesn’t we’ll come by in the morning. Bye mom.” She walked me to the door, “Bye, Be safe.” I walked to the car and opened the door. I put Lydia in her car seat. I then walked around the car and got in the driver’s seat. I turned on the car and drove to my house. I got Lydia out and walked inside. I closed the door and took Lydia to her room. I quickly put her into her pajamas. I smiled, “Night Lydia.” I laid her in her crib and turned out the light. I walked out her room and walked downstairs. I fixed myself a sandwich and ate it. After I finished, I cleaned the dishes. I sat on the couch and watched TV. My house phone started ringing. I got up and answered it, “Hello?” “Hey Y/N.” My mom said. “Hey momma, What’s up?” My mom replied, “Your brother and the guys are here. Did you want to come over?” I told her, “No. I just put Lydia to bed. I’ll see them in the morning. I’m about to jump in the shower and then go to bed.” “Alright, Love you bye.” She  hung up. I put the phone down and walked to the bathroom. I took a shower and finally got to bed.


I woke up and started getting dressed. About 10 minutes, after I started getting dressed, I heard Lydia wake up. I walked to her room and opened the door. She was standing up in her crib, crying. I walked over to her and picked her, “Morning baby. Come on. Let’s go get ready.” I took her to my room and put her in some other clothes on her. I finished getting ready and changed into my outfit and then I took Lydia downstairs. I set her in her play pen and walked to the kitchen. I fixed her a bottle and grabbed her baby bag. “Ready to go to Grandma’s house?” I asked her, I picked her and walked outside. After I got her into her car seat, I drove back to my mom’s house. There was a van in her driveway. I guessed it was BTS. I haven’t seen my brother (Yoongi) for 1 year. He hasn’t seen Lydia yet. All he knows is she’s a girl and her name is Lydia. I parked the car and got Lydia and her bag. I walked inside mom’s house and said, “Mom? We’re here.” Mom poked her head out the living room and smiled, “Y/N! Come in come in!” I smiled and walked into the living room. BTS and PD-Min were sitting in the living room. Yoongi looked up at me, “Y/N?!” I smiled, “Hey big bro!” He stood up and hugged me. He leaned back and pointed at Lydia, “Is this Lydia?” I smiled and nodded, “The one and only.” He took Lydia and held her, “She’s so pretty!” I nodded, He laughed, “Oh! Guys this is my little sister, Y/N. This is also my niece, Lydia.” Everyone smiled, “Hi!” I grinned, “Hello. I’m Y/N.” V walked over to Yoongi, “Can I hold her?” Yoongi looked at him, “You drop her, you’re dead.” V took Lydia and held her, “She’s adorable. How old is she?” I smiled, “6 months.” Jungkook stood beside V, “How old are you?” I replied, “19.” They all looked at me, “With a kid?” I nodded, “Teen pregnancy.” Jimin spoke up, “Who’s the dad?” I sighed, “He left when he found out about Lydia.” Jin laughed, “Is he still alive?” I grinned, “Yeah.” Namjoon spoke up, “I’m surprised Yoongi didn’t murder him.”  I agreed, “Same here...Although he didn’t know until it was like 8 months later.” Jhope looked at me, “What?” I nodded, “I didn’t tell him I was pregnant until I was almost 8 month along.” Yoongi sighed, “Why? I don’t know.” I looked at him, “I didn’t want you to be disappointed in me. I was 18 when I had her.” Yoongi hugged me, “I could never be disappointed in you. I was upset but I wasn’t disappointed.” I smiled and hugged him back, “Thanks Yoongi.” He leaned back, “Now, We have to catch up. Tell me what’s been going on.” I sighed, “Yoongi, I wish I could catch up right now but I have an interview with a restaurant.” I handed Lydia’s bag to my mom and went to walk out. Yoongi grabbed my hand, “I thought you had a job.” I sighed, “It’s not enough to cover the bills, gas, food, and whatever else I need so I can have enough.” Yoongi frowned, “Why didn’t you tell me? I’ll lend you money.” I smiled, “Thanks Yoongi, but I really don’t want to beg for money. I have to go.” I hugged him and walked out the house. I got in the car and started it up. Before I backed out the driveway, I got out the car and ran inside. Everyone jumped when I ran in. I grabbed Lydia and hugged her, “Bye baby. I love you.” I smiled and handed her to Yoongi, “Sorry, I had to tell her bye.” They all smiled and I finally left the house. I drove to the restaurant and walked inside. A female walked over to me and bowed, “Welcome to Pierre Gagnaire à Séoul. How many?” I smiled, “I’m here to interview for the new position.” The female smiled, “Oh! Follow me!” I followed her into the back and sat at a table. 5 minutes later, someone came out and interviewed me. I finished up an hour later and walked into the parking lot. I got in my car and sighed, “Jeez...I’m ready to get home and see my baby.” I drove to my mom’s house and walked inside. I walked into the living room. Yoongi and Lydia were asleep on the floor. I smiled, “So cute.” I walked into the kitchen. Mom, Jungkook, and Jimin were sitting at the table. Mom looked up at me, “Hey! How’d the interview go?” I sighed, “Horrible.” Mom frowned, “I’m sorry honey...You’ll find something.” I sighed and sat beside Jungkook. He patted my back, “Sorry Y/N.” I sighed, “It’s fine. I’ll find something.” We heard something moving in the living room and the Yoongi walked into the kitchen. He stretched and looked at me, “How was the interview.” I groaned, “Horrible!” I stood up, “I think I’m just gonna take Lydia and we’re gonna go home.” I went to walk past Yoongi, but he grabbed my hand, “No you’re not. Come on. We’re gonna find you a job. PD-Min! I need to talk to you.” He took me into the living room where PD-Min had been sitting. We sat down. “PD-Min, Can my little sister interview for a job? She really needs one so she can have money to stay financially stable.” Yoongi said. I looked at PD-Min. He smiled, “I’d have to interview her first but if she passes, then I don’t see a problem.” I smiled, “Great!” PD-Min dug out his computer, “Alright...i’m gonna interview you and then I’ll send it back to the CEO and then I can get back to you in about a week.” I nodded. PD-Min started interviewing me. 30 minutes later, we finished. Yoongi had walked into the kitchen to help feed Lydia. I walked into the kitchen and sat at the table. “How’d it go?” Jungkook asked. I shrugged, “Ok.” PD-Min walked into the kitchen, “I just sent it to the CEO and he’ll get back to me shortly.” I nodded, “What time is it?” Mom looked at the clock, “Almost 5.” I sighed, “We need to get home. I’ll come back by in the morning.” Yoongi grabbed my arm, “Do you have to go?” I frowned, “Yeah.” Yoongi sighed, “Can’t you stay?” I shook my head, “No...I have to get Lydia to bed. I’m sorry…” Yoongi hugged me, “I wish you didn’t have to go.” I hugged him back, “Me too.” I leaned back, “I’ll see you guys in the morning. Remember momma, we’re leaving at 11.” Yoongi looked at mom, “Where are you going?” Mom replied, “We’re supposed to go meet the lawyer.” Yoongi looked confused, “Why?” I answered, “Lydia’s father won’t pay child support.” Yoongi frowned, “That sucks, I’m going with you. Are you going to see him tomorrow?” I shook my head, “No, but if he doesn’t pay by next week, I’m taking him to court.” Yoongi nodded, “Then I can kill him.” I smiled, “No because I don’t have the money to bail you out.” Yoongi laughed, “Alright. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I smiled and got Lydia and her bag. We got into the car and I drove home. I gave Lydia a bath and then put her to sleep. I fixed dinner. It was now 7 o’clock. I ate and watched TV until 9. I checked on Lydia and took a shower. Then I fell asleep.