Scene 1 [Air Hangar]


Military air hanger, with numerous men and women in uniform running around. There are several severely damaged aircraft (F-15 Eagles) in the area.

SGT JETT GUNNER, a heavily-built bald man wearing mirrored aviator sunglasses, marches into the hanger, and immediately many people stop to watch his approach. He surveys the damaged aircraft, expressing stone cold and unchanging. As the seargent moves past his crew, a few salute and others start explaining how damaged the aircraft are. He holds up a hand, immediately silencing them.

JETT:                      Anyone wanna tell me what happened here?

An injured pilot, somewhere in his 30s, whose aircraft is missing a wing, moves over to him, saluting.

PILOT:                   Sir, we didn’t even see them coming. F-22s, they were.  We lost three of our best.

JETT:                      Lucky F-15s can take a hit, huh?

PILOT:                   Yes, sir.

Jett Gunner moves over to the plane and takes a look at the damaged wing. There’s something wrong with it. He kneels down to take a closer look. The wing has been completely removed, but the severed edge looks like it’d covered in bite marks.

Jet turns back to the pilot.

JETT:                      You said an F-22 raptor did this damage?

The pilot shakes his head, frantically

PILOT:                   No, sir. It was an F-22 Velociraptor.

JETT:                      What in god’s name is that supposed to mean. Velociraptors went extinct years ago. There’s no way they could’ve done that kind of damage. I’ll find out what’s really going on here.

Jett moves outside, and sees some planes in the distance, circling the base like a pack of wolves. He grabs a pair of binoculars and, without removing his sunglasses, raises hem to his eyes.

The screen displays what he can see through the binoculars. An F-22 raptor, with several velociraptors clinging to the wings and another inside the aircraft, piloting it. Jett lowers the binoculars.

JETT:                      I knew this day would come...

Jett runs back into the building, yelling at people to get to their battle stations and grab their weapons. Everyone is running.

PILOT:                   Did you see them? Are they out there?

JETT:                      I saw them, Thompson, I saw them. And I’m damn sure saurus, too. Lock down the building.

The pilot, Thompson, runs to seal the hangar, but too late. A dive-bombing F-22 crashes through the hangar doors and screeches to a stop in front of Jett. People immediately surround it with guns, and several Velociraptors jump from the wings. The Velociraptors screech at them and dive at them. Many people are injured. The Velociraptors are extremely fast and strong.

Jett raised his own gun, which is bigger than everyone else’s, and fires. He hits a Velociraptor and it is engulfed in fire. The rest hiss at him, but don’t attack. Instead, they run from the hangar doors with impossible speed, and his next shot misses.

He stands over the charred remains of the raptor.

THOMPSON:        There’s something wrong with those dinosaurs. They’re too powerful.

JETT:                      I don’t know, but I’m gonna find out. There’s only one group of people who might be able to help us work out what these things are. The sharp truth group.

A young woman, JOANNE, steps forward. She is extremely attractive and never smiles. She looks annoyed.

JOANNE:              With respect, sir, sharp truth don’t know what they’re talking about. Maybe we can look into it without them

Jett shakes his head

JETT:                      We need to know what we're dealing with and we need to know now. They may just be conspiracy theorists, but they've been talking about these kinds of things for years. This might be our only chance.