Father I love you

4 chapters / 2144 words

Approximately 11 minutes to read


The year is 1950 and twenty two year old Dennis Haynes is doing everything he can to provide for his daughter Nora. He is young, handsome and charismatic. But his wife passed away a year ago giving birth to the little bundle of joy. He fights fear every morning as he looks at the cradle beside his bed. Can he be the Father that she needs? A man with a big heart but a troubled past. Will his past come to the surface and prove dangerous for his child? This is the story of fear and strength in the midst of what seems to be impossible odds.

Genres: Drama, Novel, Mystery

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2 months ago Jillian Weiss said:

Thank you for the feedback! Would you mind pointing out the grammatical errors you had seen? I'd like to correct them as soon as possible.


2 months ago Marie E.H. said:

I enjoyed the read. You certainly know how to paint a picture. You’re very descriptive and I feel like there’s a lot of heart in this story. There were a few spelling and grammatical errors but those are easily fixable. Good word, keep writing. :)

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